Push button sensor 2plus, 5-gang (2+3) with inscription space


Push button sensor 2plus, 5-gang (2+3) with inscription space

The Gira push button sensors are devices for controlling the Gira Instabus KNX /EIB system: Various bus functions can be operated with it, whether it's light scene management, blind control, panic or all OFF programming or required single room temperature control. These functions are just a sample of the extensive collection of applications and operations made possible by the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB system to increase functionality in buildings and user convenience. An inscription system ensures a uniform appearance.

Информације за поручивање

Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
1055 20 Push button sensor 2plus stainless steel (lacquered) 341,00 ком
1055 203 Push button sensor 2plus aluminium (lacquered) 341,00 ком
1055 100 Push button sensor 2plus transparent white 331,00 ком
  • 1055 203

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