Gira VideoTerminal

Gira VideoTerminal

The VideoTerminal is a fully pre-assembled home station with 5.7\" active TFT colour display and hands-free function for the Gira door communication system. The VideoTerminal offers the following product features:
• Large 5.7\" active TFT colour display with a resolution of 640x480 pixels.
• Text display (OSD function) in the TFT colour display for display of the respective activated camera and for menu guidance for both the final customer and the installer,etc...

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Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
2600 05 Black glass 1.194,00 ком
2600 12 White glass 1.194,00 ком
2600 18 Mint glass 1.194,00 ком
  • 2600 05

  • 2600 12

  • 2600 18

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