Gira SmartSensor, 4-gang

Gira SmartSensor, 4-gang

The Gira SmartSensor represents a flexible operating unit for an Instabus-based network. It combines functions of a push button sensor, a room temperature controller and an info display.The SmartSensor is equipped with a display, an operating button and four rockers. Turning the operating button navigates through the various functions shown on the display. The menu and function selection is confirmed by gently pressing on the operating button. The 4 rockers can be used directly to actuate frequently used functions..

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Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
1246 661 pure white 469,00 ком
1246 671 anthracite 477,00 ком
1246 651 colour aluminium 477,00 ком
  • 1246 661

  • 1246 671

  • 1246 651

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