Hands-free feature home station

System 55

Hands-free feature home station

The hands-free feature home station offers the following product features:
• Uniform installation of door communication and electrical installation in the 58 mm flush-mounted box.
• Design variety via integration into the switch range, allowing uniform appearance of door communication and electrical installation.
• Signal transfer and supply of the audio and video components via reverse-polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus.
• Modular structure, therefore simple installation and expandable with further components such as call button for home stations, TFT colour display etc.
• Parallel connection of up to 3 home stations possible.
• One-man commissioning through simple commissioning procedure.
• Ringing tone differentiation for door call, floor call and internal call.
• Operating buttons with integrated LEDs for status display.
• Hands-free feature (voice-controlled talk-back with echo and background noise suppression).
• Enforcement function for loud background noise during the voice connection.
• Free intercom communication within the house in combination with the call button for home stations.
• Eavesdropping prevention.
• Selection of 5 different ringing tone melodies, which can be assigned to individual call buttons.
• Automatic door opener can be connected: With the function activated, the door opener is automatically operated after pressing the door-station call button.
• This component enables door communication systems with more than 30 devices to be set up.

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1280 103 System 55 transparent white pure white glossy 158,00 ком
1280 101 System 55 transparent white cream white glossy 158,00 no
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