Push button sensor 2, 2-gang with controller


Push button sensor 2, 2-gang with controller

The push button sensor is attached to a flush-mounted bus coupler. The following software variants are to be programmed with ETS 2:
• Free assignment of the functions switching/pressing, dimming, blind, value transmitter/light scene auxiliary unit, analogue value transmitter and universal value transmitter EIS 6 to the 4 buttons or 2 rockers
• Status indication via 4 blue LEDs possible
• Blocker for blocking individual buttons or rockers
• Alarm message after removal of the flush-mounted bus interface (1 bit/1 byte telegram)
• Switching/pressing function (ON, OFF, SW, no function)
• Dimming with stop telegram and telegram repetition possible
• Single-surface operation for rocker functions (switching/pressing, dimming) possible
• Blind press function (UP/DOWN) and operating concept (STEP - MOVE - STEP or MOVE - STEP) can be set
• Press functions of value transmitter EIS 6 (1 byte) or light scene execution with/without memory function
• Analogue value transmitter (EIS 5 or EIS 10), value adjustment possible by pressing and holding button
• Universal value transmitter EIS 6 for continuous run-through of a value range

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Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
2062 112 pure white glossy 82,00 ком
2062 111 cream white glossy 81,00 ком
  • 2062 112

  • 2062 111

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