Door communication switching actuator

Door communication switching actuator

Switching actuator for switching light, controlling a door opener on back/side doors or other functions via the Gira door communication bus.
The switching actuator offers the following product features:
· Control of a zero-voltage switch contact 230 V/10 A via the 2-wire bus.
· The switching actuator can be controlled via:
the buttons \"Door\" and \"Light\" on the home station,
the call button on the door station,
the call button on the home station,
the buttons of a telephone (in conjunction with door communication gateway 1290 00).
· The switching actuator can be used in five different operating modes: Switching, Timer/sec., Timer/min., Pulse and Door Opener.
· Impulse function for controlling existing automatic staircase mechanisms.
· Binary input for switching functions via a connected mechanical push button.
· Switching time can be steplessly adjusted from 1 s to 10 s or 1 min. to 10 min., depending on the function set.
The switching actuator is intended to be installed in the subdistribution unit. If this is not possible, use a common surfacemounted distributor.
· This component enables door communication systems with more than 30 devices to be set up.

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