Colour camera for flush-mounted door station

Colour camera for flush-mounted door station

The colour camera offers the following product features:
· Installation in the 58 mm flush-mounted box.
· Fits in the cover frames of the Gira TX_44 switch range.
· Expansion of the flush-mounted door station by a colour camera with automatic day/night switching. The camera switches from daytime operation (colour presentation) to night mode (black and
white presentation) and back again at a defined ambient brightness. Due to the high degree of light sensitivity in night
mode, good presentation results are achieved even with poor lighting conditions.
· LEDs ensure steady illumination of the field of view at close proximity in the night mode.
· Signal transfer and supply of the audio and video components via the reverse-polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus.
· Camera can be manually swivelled 20º horizontally and vertically. In conjunction with the wide-angle lens, a very wide field of view of the door entry area results.
· Automatic background lighting compensation.
· Automatic white balance.
· Automatic gain control (AGC).
· Integrated temperature-dependent camera heating.
· Sprayed-water proof cover plate.
· Camera cover plate made of shock-resistant plastic. Easy to replace when damaged, e.g. through vandalism.

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Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
1265 66 pure white 829,00 ком
1265 67 anthracite 833,00 ком
1265 65 colour aluminium 833,00 ком
  • 1265 66

  • 1265 67

  • 1265 65

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