Push button sensor 2plus, 6-gang (2+4) with inscription space


Push button sensor 2plus, 6-gang (2+4) with inscription space

The push button sensor 2plus combines the functions of a push button sensor, 6-gang and a controller. It can be updated for subsequent function expansion via a flash controller. The controller function provides single-room temperature control. The controller detects the current room temperature with an internal or external temperature sensor and computes an adjustment size using it and an adjustable setpoint temperature. Valve drives can be controlled with a constant adjustment signal or with a switching adjustment signal here. The controller is operated with the buttons to the left and right of the display (rocker 1). The operating mode (night, standby or comfort mode), setpoint temperatures and the contrast can be changed with this. The display indicates the operating mode, blocking of the controller or room/outside temperature or the time of day (clock required). The other rockers are available for the functions of the push button sensor. Each rocker/button can be programmed separately. With decentralised switching of the operating mode or presence button at the device, we recommend reserving a button for the function.

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2056 112 pure white glossy 377,00 ком
2056 111 cream white glossy 376,00 ком
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